Manthan: The Band for Indian Lounge Music.

A stress buster, a mood elevator, a pick-me-up for the soul- Lounge music has gained immense popularity amongst a wide, discerning and mature audience across the country today. Unknown to many, Indian Music has an inherent ‘lounge-y’ element to it… with the introduction of classical pieces amongst the more contemporary rock/pop music. Indian or Desi lounge has entered the main stream consciousness with the popularity of ‘Coke Studio’, and efforts of a number of contemporary singers and bands, who have benefited from a background in Hindustani Classical Music, as well as Western Rock, Pop and Jazz Music.

Manthan, is a group of an extremely talented music professionals, who have been performing individually in Goa and around the Country over the past three years. A number of planned and impromptu Jam sessions later, Manthan came into being. The brainchild of Shubhangi Joshi, the lead vocalist, the band seeks to move beyond the conventional, yet maintains a strong link with the familiar well known melodies that sets your foot tapping, and spirit soaring. The result is a sound that is distinctly lounge, yet comfortably familiar to modern day Indian sensibilities. Retro Hindi Film music provides a huge storehouse of melodies that are adaptable to the lounge feel and have been used by the band to great effect through cover versions of popular songs. Other than Shubhangi, the Band consists of Ashish on the Keyboard, Ashely on Bass, Paul on Lead Guitar and Craston on Drums, while Siddhesh provides male vocals.

Manthan performs regularly for Corporate, Private and Wedding gigs. The Band has performed at prestigious events like the IFFI, Goa River Marathon, Saturday Night Market, the grand Naval Musical Evening and many more such.

About Us

MANTHAN is one of the only Bands based in Goa that performs Indian Lounge Music. The popular genre encompasses a large range of music - bound by a common theme of earthy indianness - that strikes a chord with one and all. Their repertoire includes an eclectic collection of -

Folk MusicCover...

Artist Profile

A trained student of Indian Classical Music, Shubhangi has studied under the tutelage of Mrs Shobha Abhyankar, (mother of renowned classical singer Sanjeev Abhyankar) & Shri Ramesh Sukhtankar for over ten years in Pune and Goa. She has performed on stage from a very young age, and has given...

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